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With tons of great features, it's hard to show them all.
So, we'll just have to show a few of our favorites instead.

  • Customization


    ProPhoto "Buttons"

    Create reusable clickable layered graphics from text and images with hover states.

    Google font integration

    Dead-simple access to over 600 free custom fonts from Google.

    Newly designed design starters

    13 unique, polished design starters to help you get started customizing.

    Call to Action items

    Show text links or custom uploaded image buttons below posts for common actions like "Back to top", "Share on facebook", "Tweet this post", "Show contact form", and more.

    Unrivaled customization options

    Nearly 1000 customizable styling options within each design starter.
  • Layout


    All-new layout options

    Full-width menu & footer, fixed and “sticky” menus, full-height and fixed sidebar, and more.

    Mobile Sites

    Customize a mobile site specifically optimized for mobile devices (iPhone, Android and other major smartphones).

    Multiple Navigation Areas

    The rebuilt menu area allows you to utilize multiple menus, along with both horizontal and vertical menu layouts.

    Grid-style layouts

    Display posts, featured galleries, categories, and more in a flexible grid of thumbnail images.


    Optional fixed sidebars or unobtrusive sliding sidebars.
  • Image Features


    Slider galleries

    Mobile-friendly, keyboard-controllable, navigable slider galleries for your images.

    Retina display support

    All of your content images automatically optimize for retina displays.

    Flash-free slideshows/galleries

    Our rich, interactive image gallery slideshows do not use Flash and can be viewed on any mobile browser.

    Image theft protection

    Options include left and right-click disabling and custom watermarking to deter people from saving your images.

    Simple gallery creation

    Keep your workflow flying by creating stunning galleries and slideshows with just a couple of clicks.
  • Widgets


    Pinterest widget

    Easy-to-use multi-purpose Pinterest widget for pinning site images, showing your Pinterest profile, and more.

    Easy contact forms

    Built-in contact form widgets allow you to capture your customer inquiries by simply including the widget on your contact page.

    Bio area

    Feature yourself using our flexible, built-in bio area.

    Grid Widget

    Quickly add a ProPhoto Grid of recent posts, galleries, featured pages or more to any of ProPhoto's widget areas.
  • Proofing (paid feature)


    Paid proofing plugin

    Purchase the ProPhoto Proofing plugin to add a seamless proofing solution to your ProPhoto site.

    Proofing galleries

    Proofing galleries make it easy for your customers to navigate images, select their favorites, and submit an order. And they look great.

    PayPal integration

    Collecting payment is a snap with built-in integration with PayPal

    Digital downloads

    Allow your customers to download images or entire galleries right from your site, and sized to your specifications.

    Discount codes

    Create and manage powerful and flexible discount codes for whole galleries, types of products, or product categories.

    Highly flexible

    Build a list of products, set your prices, and apply shipping and tax if you choose. ProPhoto Proofing is designed to fit your workflow.
  • Optimization


    Multi-language support

    Full custom support for WordPress' most popular multi-language plugin: WPML.

    Threaded comments

    Seamless support and customization options for WordPress threaded comments on both desktop and mobile sites.

    Faster page load times

    By lazyloading images on the page our pages load faster than ever before.


    ProPhoto can update itself automatically, giving the latest release of theme and occasional new features as well. Its like Christmas all year.

    Search engine optimization (SEO)

    Advanced, granular SEO controls ensure your site is going to be picked up by all search engines.

    Facebook optimization

    Intelligent optimization of Facebook "og" tags allows you to ensure that content linked to in Facebook displays the way that you want.